AA Overview


Do you like the intensity of competition?
Do you want to further develop your baseball skills?
Do you want a longer season to play?

If the answer is “YES”, the EABA 'AA' Program is for you.  It gives players the opportunity to hone their individual and team skills at weekly practices, to demonstrate those skills in competitive games in the surrounding area, and to extend the season through July (and into August at the higher levels).

'AA' teams are designed for those players with above average ability, commitment and desire to play at higher levels of competition. The major objective will be player development through participation by all players on the team up to Provincial Playoffs and Championships.

The objective of the Provincial 'AA' Leagues is to provide a competitive yet developmental level of play for players/teams at the 13U, 15U and 18U age categories in a province-wide format. Provincial AA leagues will operate on a 3 round seeding basis with teams playing in a Regional format in May, a North/South Divisional format in June, and a Provincial Tiering format in July.



Participation on EABA’s 'AA' team implies a certain commitment on behalf of the players and the parents. The major commitments are time, travel, and financial which also includes fundraising initiatives either of the Association and/or the team. 'AA' teams typically utilize weekdays for practices, exhibition games, etc. and weekends for games and tournaments based on schedule and travel requirements as determined by Baseball Alberta. There will be a minimum of 3-4 days/week committed to baseball. Some games are scheduled during the week, depending on the distance teams must travel. 'AA' teams are required to regularly travel throughout Alberta. 'AA' teams also play during July, the length of time depends on the success of the team as it advances through to Provincial Championships. Dedication to EABA’s 'AA' team will prove beneficial to the player as a valuable learning experience. Failure to fulfill the commitments by the player or parent is denying another player a position on the team and will result in a review of the players 'AA' privileges.

The Edmonton Angels 'AA' program is the most competitive of the baseball programs offered by the EABA, and therefore has the highest level of commitment required from players. The teams represent EABA in a league that includes teams from across the province. 'AA' teams are designed for players with more advanced baseball abilities and a desire to compete at a higher level. In order to ensure the 'AA' teams are fully established in time for the beginning of the season, the tryouts are indoors and commence in early to mid March.

The specific time commitments will vary depending on the coach and Baseball Alberta’s provincial schedule but in general, players and parents can anticipate:

2-3 practices per week from April to the end of July
2-4 games per weekend from May to the end of July
Provincials for Tiers 4 through 7 are typically in late July
Provincials for Tiers 1, 2 and 3 are typically the first week of August
There is a non-refundable tryout/evaluation fee for players wanting to tryout for a 'AA' team. Please choose the age group from the Division tab for tryout and evaluation dates.



Although EABA player registration fees cover basic expenses related to Baseball Alberta registration, insurance, basic equipment/jerseys, umpires, etc. additional AA fees are collected by the association through the team budgets once the team rosters are completed to offset various operating expenses related to the facilities and/or team. AA teams are required to prepare their own team budgets to cover expenses related to additional association fees, travel, tournaments, and additional apparel/equipment. The amount of fundraising activities varies per team and will have a direct impact on the final per player cost to the families.



Each spring (typically early to mid March), players registered with EABA who meet the above mentioned criteria are encouraged to attend the evaluation sessions to try out for positions on the AA teams in their division. The evaluations/tryouts are conducted under the direction of the respective EABA Directors and in conjunction with the AA Coaches. These evaluations of demonstrated skill, development potential, perceived dedication to the program/coaches and various other factors, this way they are placed at the skill level that is most appropriate for them.

ALL coaches at the AA level are required to meet EABA requirements and possess current Baseball Alberta Certification requirements.

Dependent on interest, there may be one (1) AA team per age group designed for those players with above average ability, commitment and desire to play at higher levels of competition. All athletes living in the EABA Baseball boundaries are welcome to attend tryouts and evaluations.

Tryout Schedule

Friday, March 15 - 7:00-9:00 pm - TTC1 Field B
Tuesday, March 19 - 7:00-8:30 pm - TTC1 Field B

Saturday, March 16 - 12:30-2:00 pm - TTC1 Field B
Wednesday, March 20 - 6:00-8:00 pm - TTC1 Field B

Sunday, March 17 - 11:00-2:00 pm - TTC1 Field B
Saturday, March 23 - 11:00-1:00 pm - TTC1 Field B

Saturday, March 16 - 11:00-12:30 pm - TTC1 Field B
Thursday, March 21 - 6:00-8:00 pm - TTC1 Field B

Tryout Locations
TTC1 - Turf Training Centre 1 – 5820 59 Ave NW


General Info:

  • Game Saturday/Sunday - expect to play 2-4 games per weekend
  • 2-3 practices per week – times are determined at team/parent meeting.
  • Season runs from the middle of April to start of August.
  • Additional fees apply. (to cover additional cost of umpires, game balls, apparel and two tournaments)
    AA fees must be paid in full prior to the first regular season game.
  • AA teams may choose to do additional fundraising to offset costs.
  • Players must register with their home association prior to attending tryouts
  • Teams should expect to travel within the province.

Parent involvement/ Volunteering positions:

Parents/guardians of players are expected to volunteer and participate in supporting the team by taking on various roles throughout the season. There will be no exceptions.  When all families step up to support the team it makes for a better and fair experience for everyone involved.

  1. Head & Assistant Coaches
  2. Team Manager
  3. Team Treasurer
  4. Jersey Parent
  5. Scorekeepers
  6. Pitch Counters
  7. Parent Liaison
  8. Field Maintenance
  9. Team Sponsorship
  10. Team Photographer
  11. Communications Coordinator
  12. Other volunteer opportunities may be available


  • All players must have:
    - CSA approved baseball helmet
    - Glove
    - Cleats
    - Baseball pants
    - Red belt
    - CSA approved protective cup
  • Players may bring their own bats as long as they fall within the bat regulations for each age division. 
  • EABA will provide one player jersey (to return at the end of the season) as well as a second jersey, an undershirt, and a baseball cap for the player to keep.

The EABA Angels Baseball Program supports all policies and guidelines set out by Baseball Alberta for any player transfers or player movement. Please visit the Baseball Alberta website for any clarity on transfer rules.