BlastBall (5U)

Ages 4-5 (5th birthday falls on or after January 1 of playing year - 2021).

EABA is excited to announce our inaugural BlastBall program for 2021! BlastBall is offered for our youngest members (4-5 years old) to learn the basics of baseball in a fun, high-paced and highly engaging format. The teams are small, the action is non-stop and all players are able to learn and succeed as a team.

Objective: To provide a fun, rewarding and exciting introduction to the game of baseball with a focus on basic fundamentals (throwing, catching, hitting and running).


Benefits of BlastBall:

  • BlastBall is affordable
    With its focus on grassroots development, EABA has reduced registration costs to the greatest extent possible. At $40, BlastBall is one of the most affordable summer sport options in the city and includes:
    • All equipment
    • T-shirt and cap
    • 1-hr indoor camp
    • 7 weeks of baseball
    • Year-end wind-up event
    • No volunteer or fundraising commitment fees


  • BlastBall is safe
    The balls, bats and bases are soft so players can learn the game in a safe manner. The game also lends well to physical distancing and other COVID restrictions.


  • BlastBall is fun!
    There is continual action and so many opportunities for players to succeed. It’s a great introduction to team play in a very child-friendly format.



  • Games are played on Tuesday and Thursday of each week between May 11 and the end of June.
  • Games start at 6 PM and end at 7pm.
  • Games will be held at Mill Woods Sports Park (2730 - 66 St NW). Exact location TBD
  • Teams consist of 4-5 players
  • The first 15-20 minutes of each game are spent as separate teams. Coaches will lead players through a dynamic warm up and practice drills focusing on basic fundamentals. Once completed, teams will convene for a game.
  • Game play will last 30-40 minutes, depending on player engagement. During the game, teams take turns switching between hitting and fielding positions. There are no outs, no scores and only one base, which honks when it is stepped on. All players hit in each “inning”.
  • Optimal participation age is 4-5 year-olds who are new to baseball. Exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • For more information, please contact

When registering, please select "Rally Cap" division and choose the "4-5 yrs (BlastBall)" package.