EABA is excited to announce that the registration for the 2023 Baseball Season is now available online.

Find out more about your player's specific division by selecting the age group from the "Divisions" tab in the above menu.


Registration is available online and all players are required to first register with their home association at the Community / 'A' level.

Players interested in participating at the Community level (also known as the "A" level) will only to need register at this level. Player evaluations will be held at the 11U and 13U levels to help ensure the Community teams are evenly weighed. These indoor evaluations are not manditory for players to attend, but it does allow players an opportunity to get in some extra reps and experience prior to the season, as well as provide coaches a better understanding of players' abilities when developing the teams.

Players in BlastBall, Rally Cap (7U) and 9U will not have evaluations and will be assigned to teams.

Players interested in playing at the more competitive rep 'AA' or 'AAA' levels at the 11U-18U division will need to register for the regular season as well as for tryouts (information below) online and attend the specific tryout dates for their division. Players who are selected for a 'AA' or 'AAA' team will then need to pay the additional 'AA' or 'AAA' registration fees outlined below. Players that do not make a 'AAA' or 'AA' team will be required to play at the 'A' (or Community) level.


Prior to the season you will need to provide the following:

  • Registration payment
  • Volunteer Commitment deposit ($150 post-dated cheque for July 1, 2023)* and sign up for a volunteer position
  • Uniform deposit ($150 postdated cheque for July 1, 2023)**
  • Fundraising/Raffle deposit ($100 postdated cheque for June 15, 2023)*
  • Birth certificate or Alberta Health Care Card (for first time players requiring proof of age)

Please note:
   *11U - 18U 'AA' postdated cheque should be written for August 1, 2023.
   ** Uniform Deposits are not required for Rally Cap players.
   BlastBall players do not require a volunteer commitment, uniform, or fundraising/raffle deposit.


Due to Covid-19, it is a Baseball Alberta requirement that all players (parents) review and sign an INFORMED CONSENT AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK AGREEMENT document within the online registration.
If you're unable to register online please contact president@eabaseball.ca.


Register online.



*AA registration fees and any necessary cash calls will be collected after AA teams have been formed.
**15U & 18U Tryout fees are determined as part of the NEZ ran tryouts. 

A non-refundable AA/AAA tryout fee is collected at tryouts per player at the 11U, 13U, 15U and 18U levels. All players are required to be registered prior to tryouts and must attend tryouts to be considered for any AA/AAA team. Tryout dates and a registration link will be posted once they are determined.


Tryout & Evaluations Dates

Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 4.03.28 PM


NEZ Training Centre – 12857 52 Street NW
Turf Training Centre 1 – 5820 59 Avenue NW
Turf Training Centre 2 – 8880 48 Ave NW

Players intending to tryout for rep teams must register for tryouts in addition to registering for the season
  Register for the 2023 season
  Register for 11U AA or 13U AA tryouts
  Register for 15U AA/AAA or 18U AA/AAA tryouts
- Community evaluations have no fees and do not require any additional registration to attend
- There are no Community level evaluations for the 18U and 15U levels
- All Community level registrations will be open until April 1st
- All players must be registered and paid prior to participating

Tryout placement/times for AAA are now posted - CHECK HERE
- Players will be added to the schedule as they register


EABA / NEZ Partnership

EABA is happy to announce that it will continue its partnership with the Edmonton Northeast Zone (NEZ) Padres for the 2023 season.  Continuing on the success from last season, an MOU was formed again to join the two association's membership at the 15U and 18U levels. This partnership will allow for a larger pool of players to come together to create more competitive rep teams and provide a better playing experiences for our players.

At the 18U level, Padres will host the AAA and AA+ teams with coaches to be named at a later date. The Angels will host the AA team with EABA's Technical Director, Blake Hamer as Head Coach.

At the 15U level, the Padres will host the AAA team and the Angels will host the AA team. Head Coaches for these teams will be named at a later date.

All 15U and 18U players interested in trying for the AA or AAA teams must attend tryouts hosted by the Padres and through the evaluation process players will be placed on the appropriate AAA, AA+ or AA teams.

Players will be given the opportunity to indicate at which level they would like to be evaluated when registering for the season and for tryouts. Community 'A' level teams at both the 15U & 18U divisions will be run out of each association.

For more information regarding tryouts, please visit the Padres/Angels 2023 AAA-AA Tryout Info page on the NEZ website. Tryout dates will be announced as they come available and players will be required to register online and pay the associated tryout fee with the Padres.


The EABA Angels Baseball Program supports all policies and guidelines set out by Baseball Alberta for any player transfers or player movement. Please visit the Baseball Alberta website for any clarity on transfer rules. With the MOU in place with NEZ and EABA, transfers and the associted fees are not required for EABA players that make a Padres team (or for Padres players that make an Angels team). If a player is not selected for a Padres AAA team they can try out for another AAA team within the region but must return to their home organization (EABA) if they are not selected at the AAA level.


Volunteer Commitment Deposit
Families of all players on EABA lead teams are required to sign up for one "Association Volunteer" shift per player (e.g. tournament shift, diamond clean-up, casino volunteer, etc.), as well as to take on a "Team Volunteer" role (manager, score keeper, etc.). Volunteer positions and dates will be available prior to the start of the season.

The postdated $150.00 volunteer commitment cheque is required prior to the start of the season and will be shredded once the commitments are complete.


Financial Assistance

We accept applications from KIDSPORT & Jumpstart in Edmonton.

To apply, register your child, complete the application forms in the provided links as required and provide copies to registrar@eabaseball.ca. You can not apply for more than the registration fee but you can apply for both funding programs.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding financial assistance please contact president@eabaseball.ca.



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