EABA is excited to announce our inaugural BlastBall program for 2021!

BlastBall is offered for our youngest members (4-5 years old) to learn the basics of baseball in a fun, high-paced and highly engaging format. The teams are small, the action is non-stop and all players are able to learn and succeed as a team.

Objective: To provide a fun, rewarding and exciting introduction to the game of baseball with a focus on basic fundamentals (throwing, catching, hitting and running).

Benefits of BlastBall:


  • BlastBall is affordable.
    With its focus on grassroots development, EABA has reduced registration costs to the greatest extent possible. At only $40, BlastBall is one of the most affordable summer sport options in the city and includes:
    • All equipment
    • T-shirt and cap
    • 1-hr indoor camp
    • 7 weeks of baseball
    • Year-end wind-up event

* 1 hour indoor camp will run April 18, 2021, between 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
at Turf Training Centre 1 – Field B (5820 59 Ave NW).
A schedule with addition details will be sent out prior to April 18th.


  • BlastBall is safe.
    The balls, bats and bases are soft so players can learn the game in a safe manner. The game also lends well to physical distancing and other COVID restrictions,


  • BlastBall is fun!
    There is continual action and so many opportunities for players to succeed. It’s a great introduction to team play in a very child-friendly format.

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